Running for two: I woke up the morning of the marathon knowing it was a possibility [that I was pregnant]. But it was too early to take a test, and it was my 11th straight Twin Cities Marathon. I just decided to take it easy. The next morning I got curious and took the test -- and promptly freaked out.

Fit pregnancy 101: I knew I wanted to stay active and healthy during pregnancy. So many studies show how beneficial exercise is for women who are pregnant -- healthier babies, better well-being, easier deliveries.

Swim, bike, run, push: Even though a lot of pregnant women love swimming, it didn't feel good to me. So I've been biking on a trainer and running is still going OK, relatively speaking. It's an opportunity to have more social runs. I'm a lot more focused on enjoying myself. I'm really strapped in now: I have an industrial-strength sports bra, an SI support band (for the lower back) and a belly support band. I haven't worn them all together [yet]. Definitely I get double-takes. For the most part I have to bike sitting straight up now. I have the biggest, squishiest seat we have on my bike, and it's still not as comfortable.

Plotting routes via Porta-Potty: Feeling good is a relative term. I still feel good emotionally, and I actually get a bigger endorphin rush [when I run]. Recently I've had a lot more twinges and baby sitting on bladder. One time this winter I stopped for bathroom breaks four times on a 4-mile run. I also need to eat a lot more. Before, I could go 10-13 miles without eating, but now if I go more than 4 or 5 I need to bring a Gu (sports gel).

Baby talk on the blogosphere: I had a blog before. I started it when I was training for Ironman 2006. When I got pregnant I needed the blog again to write things down, as an outlet of how pregnancy was going. There are a number of bloggers due around the same time as me, and a lot of them are staying active and healthy.

Born to run: The first baby item we bought was a BOB (fitness) baby stroller. Even if it's for 10 minutes, we can strap the car seat in and go for a walk. I am signed up for the marathon in fall -- I don't know how it will work -- it depends on the delivery -- but I don't want to break my streak as long as I'm feeling OK. I'm not going to be stupid. I'll get the go-ahead from my doctor first. We're going to put a sign on the stroller that says, "I did this one last year." And my mom already asked if she could baby-sit.


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