The Wolves will pick up Derrick Williams' $6.7 million contract option for 2014-15 and do the same with Ricky Rubio's $5 million option as well, a team source confirms.

The decision on Rubio's contract before next week's season opener is nothing but a formality.

The Williams' decision pretty much was one, too, despite all the Internet chatter whether they'd really commit to another contract that could leave them fairly handcuffed right near the luxury tax.

Flip Saunders has said his philosophy is you can't just let assets walk away for nothing, and Williams would have been an unrestricted free agent next summer if they didn't pick up the option.

And you particularly don't do it with former No. 2 pick, even if Williams still is trying to find his way in the league here in his third year.

Saunders obviously feels Williams is an asset -- at least a $6.7M one -- whether it's for the Wolves long term or to trade here for another asset either sooner or later.

Saunders reminds often that Williams is just 22.

By picking up the Williams option, the Wolves could just be limited to the mid-level exception next summer to make moves under the cap, unless they make other transactions to cut payroll.