PHOENIX – The NBA can be can't miss television, even on a night when the Timberwolves crush the Suns 118-91, because you never know what might happen to entertain you.

On Tuesday night, if you were tuned into the third quarter, you saw Gorgui Dieng and Devin Booker get into an altercation during the third quarter. Booker took a swipe at Dieng and after the players needed to be separated before the situation escalated.

After officials got everyone calm, they went to the replay monitors and decided to eject both Booker and Dieng.

It was a decision that left Dieng puzzled.

"I would like to know why I get ejected," Dieng said. "Technical foul, OK that's fine, but an ejection? I want to know why. If you get two techs you get ejected, but I got one tech. And I didn't throw a punch. He's the one who tried to hit me, right? And I got ejected. I would like to know why."

The two kept jawing at each other as security pulled them toward their respective tunnels on opposite ends of the arena. It appeared as though they made a gentlemen's agreement to meet in the hallway, and both sprinted to the tunnels. But it never got to that point, Dieng said.

"I wanted to just exchange jerseys with him," Dieng said with a smile.

You could see on video on social media that Suns security hard a hard time keeping Booker from breaking away down the tunnel to go after Dieng, but somewhere in the chaos, they got a hold of him.

It caused a lot of laughs on Twitter.

Karl-Anthony Towns is friends with Booker dating back to their Kentucky days but he has been teammates with Dieng as long as he's been in the NBA. What's his take on a potential Dieng vs. Booker fight?

"I love Devin like a brother," he said. "But I got Gorgui."