A speeding car ran a stop sign in a south Minneapolis neighborhood and killed a woman driving in its path, a witness said Wednesday.

The collision occurred about 3:25 p.m. Tuesday at 24th Street and 15th Avenue S. on the border of the Ventura Village and Phillips neighborhoods, according to police.

Killed was a 76-year-old woman, police said. Her identity has yet to be released.

Two young men who fled on foot from the speeding car after the collision were quickly detained, said Yvette L. Skinaway, who lives near the crash scene and watched the entire incident unfold.

“A white car was speeding ... on a side residential street, ran the stop sign and hit the blue car [and] killed that lady,” Skinaway said. The woman’s car had the right of way, the witness said.

“The impact was so hard, it spun [the woman’s car] into my neighbor’s yard and knocked down a fence,” she said.

That’s when the two males ran up 15th Avenue, Skinaway said.

“He looked right at us as he ran away,” she said, referring to a girlfriend standing with her. “He almost hit my girlfriend. The debris hit her on the ankles and stuff.”

Moments later, Skinaway continued, “I saw them banging on the apartment windows and the walls” of a four-plex, she said. “I was on the phone with 911 telling them.”

Skinaway said her building’s video security captured images that helped police track down the suspects.

Police on Wednesday confirmed Skinaway’s account of the crash and the immediate aftermath, including that two men in their late teens were detained but not arrested. Police spokeswoman Sgt. Catherine Michal said she anticipates that charges would be filed later.