MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin lawmakers are considering making kringle the official state pastry.

Democratic State Rep. Cory Mason of Racine proposed honoring the kringle — a large round flat pastry with a hole in the middle made predominantly in Racine County — in the state budget proposal that passed early Wednesday.

But a majority vote in either house can take out any budget provision, and the governor could use his partial veto power if it reaches his desk. Both houses are controlled by Republicans.

All Gov. Scott Walker's spokesman Tom Evenson would say Thursday was that Walker would review the budget when it reaches his desk.

The Senate in 2011 passed a proposal to make the cream puff the official state dessert, but the Assembly couldn't stomach the idea. One of the sponsors, Sen. Mary Lazich, R-New Berlin, doesn't have any immediate plans to reintroduce the legislation.

The last bill was introduced because it was a class project for some Mukwonago students, she said.

"The state dessert is still up for grabs," Lazich said.

Mason said he chose the state pastry descriptor, so the kringle didn't compete with a possible state dessert.

In 2010, President Obama sampled a pecan kringle at O&H Danish Bakery in Racine.

Racine kringle-maker and co-owner of Larsen's Bakery, Donald Hutchinson, supports the designation.

"I think that's awesome," Hutchinson said. "What better product than kringle? ... Like the New York City bagel, we'll be the Wisconsin kringle."