Spring goes on the back burner next week, folks. A huge southward undulation of the jet stream will allow arctic chill to overspread the entire eastern half of the United States. Comments generally heard when this happens are "What's with this crazy weather?" or "Will spring ever get here?" Naturally, the weatherman will have to shoulder the blame, even though the event is being forecast days in advance To make matters worse, a storm will form over the Delmarva Peninsula Monday, then track due north. Once over upstate New York, the disturbance will sit and spin for a couple of days, all the while pumping cold air into the Midwest and East.

To the west and south of the storm center, snow showers will frequent an area from the Great Lakes to the Appalachians. Accumulating snow is possible in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, western New York and Ontario.

Story by AccuWeather Expert Senior Meteorologist John Kocet.