The Doctors’ Spark Sauvignon Blanc

Even those who love New Zealand sauvignon blancs have to admit there’s a sameness to them. Well, not anymore. The sparkling (literally and figuratively) nonvintage The Doctors’ Spark Sauvignon Blanc ($18) might have the freshness and piquancy of your standard Kiwi sauv blanc, but with a lot more vim, verve and vigor, plus rounder fruit flavors (tropical and stone fruit to complement the usual citrus). It is also persistent, its bubbly finish zinging the palate for a minute-plus — if the mouthwatering acidity doesn’t prompt another swig in the interim. Break out the shrimp, calamari, oysters or most anything fried and/or salty for this super-refreshing gem. Alfresco setting optional but strongly recommended.

Available at Wine Republic, Vinifera, Elite Liquors, Tonka Bottle Shop, Black Diamond, International Wines & Liquors and others.

Bill Ward