Henry Varnay Les Deux Moulins Rosé

No wine trend has delighted me more than consumers embracing rosé as a year-round wine rather than just a warm-weather treat. The Henry Varnay Les Deux Moulins Rosé could serve as Exhibit A, and at $12 is worth stocking up for autumn/winter parties and (especially) Thanksgiving dinner. The cherry/berry nose on this Loire Valley wine could not be fresher, and that translates into a bright, sunshiny mouthful of red-fruit goodness. The spot-on ripeness of the fruit and the overall balance make the mouth­watering finish a bring-me-more experience. Which makes the 12.5% alcohol an added plus. Salty appetizers, fried fish or chicken and fresh tomatoes are among many swell pairing options.

Available at Liquor Barn, Vinifera, Stinson, Cellars (White Bear Lake), Henry & Son, North Loop and Cedar Lake.