I'll be heading over to Green Bay soon for tonight's preseason game (Directions: Turn right on 94 and drive till you smell cows). But first, let's take a snippet from last night's preseason action.

It's practically impossible to put the preseason into proper perspective. I think Tony Dungy's preseason record was something like 0-112. And weren't the Lions 4-0 in the preseason the year they went 0-16 when it counted?

So at the risk of trying to make sense out of a game that does little more than put everyone to sleep on a Friday night, let's take a look at what our guy Troy Williamson did last night.

At one time, Troy was the seventh overall pick (2005) and the next Randy Moss. Then we found out he couldn't really, you know, catch a football. The Vikings unloaded him in Jacksonville for a late-round pick, which became Jaymar Johnson.

Williamson has remained a disappointment and/or injured ever since. Friday night, he flashed that old promise in a 28-27 loss to the Eagles. Playing with the second unit, Williamson caught two passes for 101 yards, including a 73-yard touchdown from Luke McCown.

Williamson also might have climbed the depth chart because fragile Mike Sims-Walker was hurt -- again. The only receiver on the Jaguars' roster who came to came with a spot secured hurt his left shoulder and watched the second half with his arm in a sling. Considering how thoroughly the Jags' first-team offense was dominated in the first quarter, coach Jack Del Rio might have something else in a sling this year.