Why would the Twins trade Aaron Hicks, a five-tool centerfielder coming into his prime?

Well, there was a time this season when he had finally made it back to the big leagues, had finally cracked the everyday lineup, and he wondered out loud why he had to play every day.

Hicks never got it. That doesn't mean he won't figure it out and become a very good major league player. He might. But the Twins had reason to question his dedication, and they needed a catcher, and Hicks had been passed in the Twins' internal evaluations by not only Byron Buxton but Eddie Rosario and Max Kepler.

John Ryan Murphy has a chance to outperform Kurt Suzuki offensively, and the Twins desperately need a catcher who can hit.

After years of doing nothing but hoping their young players would develop, the Twins are now in a position to get rid of those who aren't developing enough.


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