Patrick Reusse's pick for most important Twin in September: Jorge Polanco

The 2016 Twins' all-time worst record of 59-103 was not a fluke. They were a mess from the beginning, when Plan A was to put 280-pound Miguel Sano in right field.

One oft-forgotten blunder is that when the Twins sent Jorge Polanco to Class AAA in May that season, he played 64 games at second base and none at shortstop. And when he returned on July 30, he shared shortstop for a time with Eduardo Escobar.

Three years later, Polanco was the AL's starting shortstop in the All-Star Game. Such rewards are based primarily on hitting numbers, which was the case with Polanco. We also know this: Polanco is not going to earn accolades with his glove, unless someone on an FSN telecast feels an uncontrollable urge for hyperbole.

It would help greatly, though, for the Twins to remain ahead of Cleveland, if Polanco would stop kicking it around and making off-target sidearm flings to first as he has been for several weeks.