'My Mom, Your Dad'
Viewers tired of dating shows in which the contestants seem eager to stick their tongues down anything that moves should find relief in this new series in which college-age students set up their parents while they spy on them from a nearby house. The old folks may not have much game, but they've got manners. The same can't be said for the Season 3 cast of "Too Hot to Handle." Once again, well-sculpted sex addicts are challenged to keep their libido in check, even as they're tempted by bikini-clad roommates. Needless to say, they fail miserably. "Mom" on HBO Max Thursday. "Handle," Jan. 19 on Netflix.

'The House'
Four acclaimed European directors combined efforts to create this stop-animation movie set in a haunted abode. Everything about the three shorts is creepy, thanks to characters that look like discarded potatoes and the world's most frightening cockroach infestation. But the animation is so compelling that you won't be able to hide under your blanket. Matthew Goode and Helena Bonham Carter are among those providing the voices. Netflix on Friday

'The Twilight Saga'
You'll have to hurry to binge on the vampire/werewolf/school cafeteria movies, which leave Netflix on Saturday (although rest assured they'll pop up somewhere else soon). They're pretty silly, and there's a reason we haven't seen much of Taylor Lautner's "acting talents" since then. But it's illuminating to attend to the work of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who banked the big bucks they earned and have used them to make adventurous choices ever since. Also noteworthy: Alexandre Desplat's surprisingly lovely musical score for "New Moon," the second of the five films. Netflix

'Stars on Stage'
"Reopening — The Broadway Revival," airing at 8 p.m. Tuesday on PBS, does a nice job of checking in with the cast of "Phantom of the Opera" and "Ain't Too Proud" during their return to the Great White Way. But if you really want to celebrate the musical songbook, check out this latest series taped at the Westport Country Playhouse. In Friday's episode, singer/songwriter Shoshana Bean offers a Barbra Streisand medley and a heartbreaking rendition of "She Used to Be Mine" from the musical "Waitress." 9 p.m. Friday, TPT, Ch. 2

'Sold Out'
The story is mawkish and overly familiar but it's fun to spot the local references in this Minnesota-made melodrama about a talent scout and the construction worker she discovers. Local actors, including Sam Bardwell and Bruce Bohne, do fine work and you can play spot-the-landmarks, including First Ave, Snuffy's Malt Shop, Stone Arch Bridge and Lake Minnetonka, the body of water made internationally famous in that other/better movie about a Minnesota musician, "Purple Rain." Amazon Prime