How many ears of corn does the Corn Roast booth go through each day?

Maddox, 9 • Edina

25,000 ears of corn

At what temperature is the corn at the booth roasted?

Tyler, 12 • Rochester, Minn.

575 degrees

About how many ice cream treats are served at the Dairy Goodness Bar during the fair?

Nicholas, 11 • Minneapolis

Approximately 182,000 ice cream treats

If measured by placing them end to end, how many miles of foot-long hot dogs are sold each year?

Maeve, 8 • St. Paul

35 miles of hot dogs

What insect was blamed for reducing attendance at the 1875 fair?

Braxton, age 9 • Pine Island, Minn.


How much butter is used to sculpt the likeness of Princess Kay of the Milky Way?

Emma, 8 • St. Paul

85-90 lbs

Throughout the year, how many animals are housed in the livestock barns on the fairgrounds?

Taryn, 8 • Rochester, Minn.

Nearly 20,000 animals

During a typical year, how many gallons of milk are served at the All You Can Drink Milk Stand?

Liam, 12 • Minneapolis

About 26,000 gallons

How many pounds of butter gets slathered on roasted corn ears each year?

Aubrey, 11 • Cumming, Ga.

4,000 lbs. of butter

How many pounds of ketchup do the Fresh French Fries stands go through each fair?

Connor, 14 • St. Michael

25,000 lbs.

How many chocolate chips does Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar use during the run of the fair?

Miriam, 10 • Chanhassen

54 tons of chocolate chips

What's the total number of corn dogs typically consumed each year?

Abby, 12 • Circle Pines

365,000 corn dogs

What is the most popular flavor of pie entered in the baked goods competition?

Elida, 8 • Fergus Falls, Minn.

Apple pie

What kind of animals compete in a costume contest at the fair?

Abby, 11 • Minnesota

Llamas and sheep

How many gallons of water does Ye Old Mill hold?

Maddox, 8 • Minnesota

About 60,000 gallons

What special event took place at the fairgrounds on June 22, 1910?

Mandeq, 18 • Minneapolis

The first airplane flight in Minnesota history

How many cookies can Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar produce in one day?

Kasper, 10 • Minnesota

3 million cookies

How many dozens of mini-doughnuts are eaten each year at the fair?

Trini, 17 • Minnesota

Nearly 338,000 dozen

Which U.S. president gave one of his most famous speeches at the State Fair?

Mackenzie, 11 • Stillwater

Theodore Roosevelt gave his "Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick" speech in 1901

How many baby animals are born at the CHS Miracle of Birth Center during the fair?

Julia, 12 • Elk River

Nearly 200 animals