Chipper Jones, 3B

"She changed my life forever. It took me 40 years and some major imperfections in me along the way to find my true profession. Now we've taken our two families and blended them together."

— on his wife, Taylor; Jones went first because she is expecting to give birth to a son Monday — already named Cooper.


"I'd like to thank the fact that I came out of a small little town, Don Gregorio, in the Dominican Republic. Even more special today is that today, we celebrate Father's Day in the Dominican Republic. It's twice a celebration for me, being here today. Happy Father's Day to all the Dominican pops."

— translated from Spanish; combined with translation time, Guerrero's speech lasted only four minutes.


"For all those years, it was Lou and Tram. Lou, it was an honor and a pleasure to have played alongside you for all those years, and I hope — my hope is some day you'll be up here as well."

— on second baseman Lou Whitaker, Trammell's double-play partner with Detroit for 19 seasons.


"When I was a struggling shortstop in the Cincinnati organization three decades ago, I could never imagine being here today. My transformation from an infielder to a relief pitcher to closer, it's been an amazing journey capped by this amazing moment."

— on his career, which saw him become a pitcher after two fruitless years as a position player.