The House has proposed a $496 million package of statewide construction projects. The 2012 bonding bill is larger than the GOP's initial offer, but still is stripped of most of the local projects members love: no money for civic centers, no new minor league ballpark for the St. Paul Saints, no money to renovate Nicollet Mall, no funds to expand the Southwest Rail Corridor.


$44 million for repairs to the aging Minnesota Capitol. The House had originally proposed borrowing more than $200 million to fund the complete cost of renovation but fell one vote short of the necessary total to achieve that.

$30 million for flood mitigation.

$30 million for bridge replacement and rehabilitation.

$10 million for local road projects.

$55 million for the Business Development Through Capital Project Grant Program.

$54 million for the University of Minnesota system, most of which will go for asset preservation and replacement.

$144 million for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system for new buildings and classrooms and for asset preservation.

$33 million for Rural Finance Authority grants.

$5 million for asset preservation at the Minnesota Zoo.

$1.7 million for rebuilding projects in Minneapolis' Phillips neighborhood.