Amy Klobuchar joined rivals in attacking front-runner Bernie Sanders during Tuesday's Democratic primary debate in South Carolina. 

The debate was one of the last chances for candidates to shore up support on a nationally televised stage ahead of Saturday's vote in the Palmetto State and the March 3 Super Tuesday primaries. 

For Klobuchar, who is facing pressure from some to drop out following a sixth-place finish in Nevada, the debate was also an opportunity to demonstrate why she should stay in the race. 

So how did the Minnesota Democrat do? Here's a look at what leading pundits and publications had to say about her performance:

 CNN's Chris Cillizza named Klobuchar a winner, writing "she did more with fewer opportunities than almost any other candidate on stage."

"She repeatedly sought to be a voice of reason (and calm) as everyone around her just kept shouting. She also delivered a series of solid policy proposals — outlining her views on domestic and foreign policy to many voters who may have just been getting to know her and what she believes. Klobuchar wasn't as sharp — or as much of a standout — as she was in the debate just before the New Hampshire primary. But in a debate defined by the bad, she was a bright spot."

Mary Anne Marsh, an analyst writing for Fox News, disagreed, counting the performance in the losers bracket.

"The New Hampshire debate is now officially a one-hit-wonder for Sen. Klobuchar of Minnesota. Her performance in the two debates since that night fell short of that one, and so too will her prospects in the remaining contests as a result."

New York Times opinion writers gave her an average score of 5.8 out of 10. Most writers agreed the performance wasn't enough to change the trajectory of her campaign:

"With poll numbers sagging, she needed a great debate; instead, she had a so-so one and was often on the margins" - Nicholas Kristof

"She really sold herself by offering more substance and less fluff than most everyone. It’s too bad for her that it’s coming so late." - Liz Mair

"Fighting like crazy to prove she’s the Midwestern candidate who can bring people together. Held her own like she has in every debate. OK. So is she running for Veep?" - Mimi Schwartz

"Sharp, direct answers, plus a lot of are-you-kidding-me smirks at the men bellowing around her." - Nicole Hemmer

The National Review's Jim Geraghty wrote that Klobuchar has "hit her ceiling."

"She’s personable enough, she likes to position herself as the sensible pragmatist . . . but it’s hard to see how much of her performance broke through in the chaotic shout-fest. Arguments like “the math does not add up” and “we can’t afford it” are not going to be knockout blows against Sanders. The New Hampshire debate helped her to a surprisingly strong third-place finish, but we’re reaching the point in the race where surprisingly strong third-place finishes don’t get it done."

Writers at USA Today gave her a B and a C: 

"Passing bills is great. Living by the late Sen. Paul Wellstone’s motto that “politics is about improving people’s lives” is great. But the presidency is also about inspiration. See above, vision thing." - Jill Lawrence

But on Twitter, she got strong marks for her call for Americans to visit the for the latest on the coronavirus outbreak:

And some watching from home applauded her ability to stay calm and above the fray as men on the stage yelled over one another:

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