In the long run

Viewers of a certain age should have fond memories of “The Wonderful World of Disney,” network TV’s long-running showcase of family friendly fare. “Togo,” in which Willem Dafoe plays the Alaskan musher who led his team on a heroic, harrowing 1925 serum run, captures the spirit of those classic films with more than a little help from cinematographer Ericson Core and a scene-stealing pooch. The only downside: Kids will start begging for a puppy under the Christmas tree long after you’ve made your holiday shopping run.

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This must be the place

John Mulaney can be a cynical stand-up, but he’s put the enthusiasm of a first-year kindergarten teacher behind “John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch.” At first glance, the special seems like a sendup of old PBS programming like “Zoom” and “The Electric Company.” But the original musical numbers are just too delightful to be anything but sincere. Plus, would David Byrne pop up in anything less than a love fest?

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Every breath you take

After choosing the worst possible way to split with his girlfriend in the first season of “You,” Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) swears to never fall in love again. Yeah, right. It doesn’t take long for our psychotic stalker to set his sights on a new conquest, even as he has to deal with a past victim and an upbeat mob enforcer. Watching Badgley’s twisted performance remains one of TV’s sick pleasures.

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Neal Justin