The Timberwolves are presenting themselves as a tight-knit, family-style group this season, and with a 3-0 record so far it's hard to argue with the results.

And like a lot of families you will see on social media this week, the Wolves have gone ALL OUT in dressing up for Halloween.

The team's official Twitter account posted pictures late Monday of players and head coach Ryan Saunders dressed up for the holiday, albeit a few days early — during a party that was hosted by Karl-Anthony Towns.

Let's single out a few of the best costumes and most prominent wearers while asking: What do their choices tell us about them?

Head coach Ryan Saunders: Mighty Ducks jersey

What's a basketball coach doing wearing a jersey from a fictional hockey team, you might ask? Ah, fear not. This costume is so on-brand it almost hurts. "Mighty Ducks" was filmed in Minnesota and came out in 1992 when Saunders was 6. He's a suburban Twin Cities kid at heart, and the Ducks jersey is right in his wheelhouse. Also, it's extremely safe and requires no makeup or time commitment. He's a new dad. Time is precious and you don't want to scare the kid.

Karl-Anthony Towns: The Joker

Wow, we could really go deep here on Towns choosing this as an attempt to reconcile two very different sides of a personality in a confusing world. But probably he was just trying to come up with the best costume possible. Or maybe he's just sending a warning to Joel Embiid that he's coming for him in Wednesday's matchup of 3-0 teams?

Robert Covington: Steve Urkel

This one is the winner in my book because — no offense to Covington — he looks like he actually could be Steve Urkel from Family Matters (played by Jaleel White) all grown up. If you're going to dress up like a character that's not in any way cool, you have to own it. RoCo does that, which tells me he's fine laughing at himself. If the Wolves wanted to start playing the "Did I do that?" sounder every time Covington makes a three-pointer at Target Center, I wouldn't be mad.

Jordan Bell: Vegeta

The Timberwolves, a modern company that employs a lot of millennials, has a "dress for your day" workplace policy. On game days, that means these guys wear uniforms. But on Monday, Jordan Bell's day apparently included impersonating a character from Dragon Ball who "believes he should be regarded as the strongest fighter in the Universe." Not much left to unpack after you read the full Wiki on Vegeta.

Honorable mentions

The guy in the back who looks like he's impersonating Ryan Saunders … Andrew Wiggins going all out … Whomever is in the Freddy Krueger costume.

Did I miss anyone memorable? Let me know in the comments.