Not exactly the kind of clothing store where you expect to hear P.O.S., Solid Gold and Dirty Projectors -- which is probably sort of the point -- the shaggy-yuppie chain American Eagle has recruited our very own U of M student station Radio K to put together a playlist that is now broadcasting in its 780 stores nationwide. "It's not the first store you'd think of doing this, but we're all for it," said the station's new program director Jon Schrober.

The promotion is tied to a college-geared clothing line and -- especially in this day and age of internet radio -- offers a terrific amount of exposure for "The K" (770 AM, 100.7 or 104.5 FM, or online here). Promo spots for the station run between songs, and displays are up near the registers. A few other college stations around the country are being recruited monthly. Two other locals, Tapes 'N Tapes and One for the Team, also made the K's playlist along with the Gossip, M83, Girls, Deerhoof and many more. Click here to see the whole list, or stop in to your local AE outlet by March 15 to hear it.

Speaking of mid-March, Radio K staffers will be down at the South by Southwest Music Conference March 17-20 and have lined up on-air sessions with Shearwater, Peter Wolf Crier, Dengue Fever and Malachai, plus interviews with Lookbook, Jeremy Messersmith, Wye Oak, Midlake and more.

(P.O.S. photo by Dan Monick)