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Happy Saturday - and how about those Winter Olympics? So far, Canada has had a bunch of canceled ski practices, a tragic death during luge practice, and a botched torch-lighting ceremony. Things are not going well for our northern neighbors so far. Here's hoping that things get better; like all right-thinking people everywhere, the Winter Olympics are my favorite of the two flavors of Olympics, and so I'm quite looking forward to the next couple of weeks.

On with some links:

*Yesterday was Nick Punto Day in the Twins blogosphere. You can click here for all of the micro- and macro-blogging around the subject, but I'll just link you to my favorite piece of the day: Stu's Little Known-Facts about Nick Punto. Tremendous stuff.

*The Sports Media Watch blog has an interview with announcer Kevin Harlan, of note for local fans because of his mentions of his time as the play-by-play guy for the Timberwolves. Those were good times, weren't they?

*NBC is showing ice dancing instead of the USA/Canada hockey game on February 21. The preliminary-round game will instead be on MSNBC, where presumably it will be interrupted several times for Keith Olbermann to rant about a missed goaltender interference call. Greg Wyshynski talked to NBC, and found out why: apparently women who want to watch ice dancing are a better ratings draw than hockey fans. On behalf of American hockey fans everywhere: ouch.

*And finally: 1,200 students at the University of Alberta got together for a world-record-breaking dodgeball game, proving conclusively that while Canada may have universal health care, they still don't have enough to do.

That'll do it for me; I'm off to see if there's any curling on TV today. If you want to argue with my assertion above about the Winter Olympics being better than the Summer Olympics, I offer this irrefutable fact: the Winter Olympics have infinity percent more curling than the Summer Olympics. You have no counter-argument.