Week 7 picks are in and Rams fans should be really concerned. Or extremely relieved.

After nailing the Raiders over the Bears two weeks ago and getting a noser on the final score of Texans-Chiefs, this week's "upset special" is Falcons over Rams.

Guaranteed. Maybe.

The Rams have lost three straight. A fourth straight stubbed toe could be the 3-4 start the reigning NFC champs and offensive wunderkind Sean McVay can't return from.

So, buh-bye, L.A. Then again, it could be buh-bye, upset special winning streak.

Houston wasn't the only underdog to win in Week 6. Also pulling upsets were the Saints, 49ers, Cardinals, Jets and Steelers.

This week, six home teams are underdogs. Three of them are at least 9 1/2-point dogs. The Redskins and Jets are 9 1/2-point underdogs against the 49ers and Patriots, respectively. And, of course, Miami is once again a massive home underdog (17 points) in a game against the Bills.

The firm, educated, well-thought-out stab in the dark here is to take four underdogs to win.

The Bengals will get their first win in a home game against the Jaguars. The Cardinals and Texans will win at the Giants and Colts, respectively.

And …

Vikings fans should be very concerned. Or extremely relieved because the pick at Ford Field is …

Lions 24, Vikings 20.

Using NFL logic as the reasoning, there are way too many smiles in Minnesota and way too many frowns in Detroit. It's time for the two sides to meet back in the middle with the Lions coming away happy and the Vikings returning closer to earth.

Guaranteed. Maybe.

Vikings minus-2 at Lions: Lions 24, Vikings 20

Record picking Vikings / vs. spread: 5-1 /5-1

Jaguars minus-4 at Bengals: Bengals by 1

49ers minus-9 1/2 at Redskins: 49ers by 6

Texans plus-1 at Colts: Texans by 3

Bills minus-17 at Dolphins: Bills by 10

Raiders plus-5 at Packers: Packers by 7

Cardinals plus-3 at Giants: Cardinals by 6

Chargers plus-2 1/2 at Titans: Titans by 3

Ravens plus-3 at Seahawks: Ravens by 7

Saints plus-3 1/2 at Bears: Bears by 7

Eagles plus-2 1/2 at Cowboys: Cowboys by 3

Patriots minus-9 1/2 at Jets: Patriots by 10


Rams minus-2 at Falcons: Falcons 34, Rams 28

Last week's pick: Texans 31, Chiefs 24. Actual score: Texans 31, Chiefs 24. Record: 3-3.