The Cowboys released kicker Dan Bailey over the weekend. Bailey is the second-most accurate kicker in NFL history at 88 percent and has made all but two career extra points (both misses were last year). Just food for thought in case he's still looking for a job in the middle of the season and Vikings rookie Daniel Carlson struggles out of the gate.


Jake Odorizzi has 144 strikeouts in 143 innings for the Twins this season, trailing only Jose Berrios by a smidgen (9.2 to 9.1) among Twins starters with the most Ks per nine innings this season. He's slated to pitch Wednesday at Houston (7 p.m., FSN).


"Truth is, Buxton is better off healing rather than causing an aggravation to damaged and unhealed body parts. He may also be better off getting away from the game until spring training coming back with a refreshed attitude."

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