• If any online betting sites were looking to make a gallows humor prop bet available to Minnesota fans, they could offer up the ability to wager on which team will win a game next — the Twins or the Wild?

• If you missed Tuesday's informational meeting on how to become the next Goldy Gopher, don't worry: there's another one at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Sports Pavilion.


Get your remote and coffee ready for dueling moments in NBA history: Golden State goes for win No. 73 on ESPN, while Kobe Bryant plays his final game on ESPN2. Both start at 9:30.


"Focus on putting the ball in play and moving runners. The hitting approach looks very suspect right now and granted, Bruno doesn't take the at-bats, but if players are simply blowing off his instruction, they need to sit or be sent down."

"sportsrat6" commenting on


"Rambis on summer strategy (hint, it's all about the triangle): 'The decision with management is to get players who fit into the system.' "

Stefan Bondy on Kurt Rambis and the Knicks.