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With as much young talent as the Timberwolves have stockpiled, Kevin Garnett, the greatest player in franchise history, almost seems like an afterthought.



Drew Butera speculated on Twitter that Roger Federer could be a .300 hitter in baseball. We say, what does Butera know about hitting even .200? Federer will face Gilles Simon in the Wimbledon men’s quarterfinals; live coverage begins at 7 a.m. on ESPN.



“Perkins is a pretty darn good example of perseverance and the Twins could not have a better player representing them.”

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“Baseball hard to understand. One day, Aaron Thompson is pitching where Glen Perkins should be, the next he is demoted to the minors.”

Dave Brown of, on the Twins lefty’s demotion a day after giving up a walk-off double to Eric Hosmer.