The weather will likely play a factor as the defending World ChampionPhiladelphia Phillies head back home to play Game 3 at 8:07 PM EST on Sunday.Though conditions should be improving, ideal baseball weather will not be inthe cards.

Those attending should plan on dressing very warm with layers. It may not be abad idea to bring along a poncho-- at least for the start of the game.

As Cliff Lee of the Phillies throws the first pitch to probable lead off manRafael Furcal, temperatures should be in the low 40s with some drizzle or lightrain falling. Drier conditions should be working its way into the Philadelphiaarea as the game goes on, so the precipitation should end as the gamecontinues.

Temperatures should remain in the low 40s, and a combination of the dampconditions and winds out of the north around 15-20 mph, it will feel more likethe 20s than the 40s. I'm sure most of the players (and fans!) will agree notideal weather for a National League Championship Game.

As for the pitchers, the Phillies starter is Cliff Lee who is a native ofArkansas. So, we can assume while growing up, he did not pitch in many coolweather situations. However, in Cliff's favor, he did pitch in Cleveland forseveral years, and he does not have a history of arm troubles.

The Dodgers starter is 34 year old Hiroki Kuroda. He is from Osaka, Japan,which has an all-time record low temperature of 39 degrees. So we can almostfor certain say that he has very limited pitching experience in cool weather.

He is also coming off an injury (a bulging disk in his neck, not pitching sinceSeptember 28th) which may affected by the cool weather. So maybe the Phillieshave an edge in the weather department, at least in terms of the startingpitchers.

Forecast By Meteorologist Mark Paquette.