Whether or not you caught Poliça on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night, you may still want to check out the online clips of the band’s performance. The Minneapolis throb-pop quartet played a powerful version of "Spill the Lies," a highlight from its "Shulamith" album, for the ABC airwaves (posted below). It also played a second song not featured in the broadcast – a song not featured on any of their records, in fact. It’s a cover of Lesley Gore’s 1963 girl-power anthem “You Don’t Own Me.” Obviously, it sounds quite different and darker (and pretty awesome) in their hands. Click here to see the clip.

The other interesting post-script on last night’s Kimmel appearance was drummer Ben Ivascu’s wardrobe choice, a “Drone, Not Drones” T-shirt. That’s the most high-profile appearance yet of the mantra made famous by Low’s Alan Sparhawk at Rock the Garden, and it is particularly good timing.

Minneapolis scenester Luke Heiken, the man behind the campaign, is putting together a 28-hour drone concert Doctors Without Borders benefit concert, tentatively scheduled Feb. 7-8 at the Cedar Cultural Center with a rotating cast of musicians (including members of Low). More details on that soon.

Anyone who envied Ivascu's T can buy their own shirt at Dronenotdrones.com, also benefitting Doctors Without Borders.