A festival of video today, and how much you enjoy depends on your attention span. If you have a medium-length attention span, and know full well that the best videos rarely pay off in the first 14 seconds, here you go:

Here's the longest video in today's list, clocking in at fourteen minutes. I know, I know - you'll want to know if there's an intermission. That's up to you. Anyway, it's here - one fellow's obsessive need to fix something. You may wonder why you would possibly care about a few seconds of Star Wars Ep 4, but it's an education.

Now, the video film festival: a history of Lucky Charms ads.

GAMES It sounds as if this game is impossible. Daily Dot:

Then you must solve 500 puzzles. It sounds lovely and hellish, and if you're inclined to this type of thing it's probably heaven. I know I would give up right away and move along. It's like reading a novel, and then the story stops for a 32-page description of Sam Spade figuring out a Rubik's Cube. The only puzzle game I've enjoyed since Myst is Monument Valley, which Real Gamers criticized for being easy. Perhaps - but it was beautiful, and fascinating.

At least you had to do something. In another popular game, you sit around and wait for cats to show up. It could save your life!