What should Ellen DeGeneres be for Halloween? 

On her show this week, the comedian got some wild ideas from a group of 2nd graders at Moreland Arts & Health Sciences Magnet School in West St. Paul. DeGeneres got a book of drawings and suggestions from Ms. Maczko’s class. Suffice to say, they were quite creative.

The top pick? A baby chipmunk.

In the segment (watch below), DeGeneres reads the kids' scribblings. Addison wrote: “Ellen can dig holes. Ellen has a big chubby mouth when she eat pizza. Ellen is cute like a baby chipmunk."

Ellen added: "Well, it ended with a compliment, so that's good."

Jovoni wrote: "I think Ellen should be a chicken for Halloween. Ellen would make a great chicken because chicken can run just like Ellen. Some chickens are alive just like Ellen.”

Samaria wrote: “I think Ellen should be a vampire. Ellen would make a great vampire because vampire run really fast and vampire can jump too."

What's Ellen think about that? "And look, the vampire is gay, just like me."

Watch the video here if you don't see it below.