DEC. 17

Animal concern. A White Leghorn chicken was reported missing in the 5000 block of East County Line Road.


DEC. 12

ATV complaint. Multiple ATV tracks were found on the section of the Hardwood Creek Regional Trail which is reserved for snowmobiles.

Suspicious situation. A resident in the 7000 block of 177th Street reported their dog eating a pile of meat with a stick in it that an unknown person had left on their property.


DEC. 14

Suspicious activity. Two men were seen hunting on private property in the 8000 block of Hidden Bay Court. The men reportedly moved a swing set when they passed through the yard. The homeowner was advised to post property signs and install trail cameras but not confront the hunters.


DEC. 13

Suspicious activity. A large chainsaw bear sculpture was reported moved to the front door of a home in the 13000 block of Manning Trail. A plate of cookies was left next to the sculpture. A neighbor admitted to moving the bear to the door to let the homeowner know they had brought them the cookies.


DEC. 9

Theft. A man was issued a citation for theft after attempting to steal two toothbrushes from Menards, 3205 Hadley Ave.

Public assist. An officer observed a male walking on the shoulder of Hwy. 5 near Hadley Avenue. The man told the officer he was walking home from Target. The officer advised him to plan a safer route next time and transported him home.

DEC. 12

Parking violation. A deputy observed a van parked in a fire lane next to a building in the 6000 block of 40th Street. The area was clearly marked with two "No Parking" signs. The deputy spoke to a man in the passenger seat who said the driver was in the building. When the deputy informed the man he was going to write a citation, the man became agitated and said the deputy couldn't do it because everyone parks there. The driver emerged from the building and also argued but was given the citation anyway.

DEC. 13

Lost property. A man in the 1100 block of Goodview Avenue informed police he lost his shotgun after placing it on top of his vehicle and driving around.

Animal complaint. A man jogging in the area of 4th Street and Hickory Lane reported being bitten by a dog.

Found property. A suitcase full of referee shirts and pants was found in the parking lot of Carmike Cinema, 1188 Helmo Ave.


DEC. 8

Suspicious situation. Someone in the 1700 block of Lamplight Court reported receiving a phone call from a person identifying themselves as a police officer — Lt. Harris. The caller informed the complainant that he had an outstanding stop light violation that had been taken by a remote camera. The caller told the complainant that he had missed his court date and now owed $3,800 in court fees. The caller also said he was willing to accept half of that if the complainant would send it to him in gift cards. The complainant thought this was suspicious and was advised by a real police officer that Minnesota courts never demand or accept payment by gift card.

DEC. 10

Traffic accident. A vehicle collided with and killed a coyote in the area of Bielenberg Drive and Tamarack Road.

Possible intruder. A neighbor returning packages that had been delivered to the wrong address was mistaken for an intruder in the 3000 block of Commonwealth Avenue. The complainant reported hearing footsteps upstairs in the home but the neighbor said he only opened the screen door, rang the doorbell and knocked.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.