"Unpainted Sculpture," by Charles Ray, at Walker Art Center's "Abstract Resistance" show / Star Tribune photo by Tom Sweeney

Overheard at last Friday's After Hours party at Walker Art Center, a curatorial type explaining to some visitors, "We decided not to use wall tags for this exhibit, because we wanted people to be absorbed by the art, instead of spending their time reading."

I for one enjoy a nice (concise) wall card, so I can learn the name of the artist responsible, and the date of its creation, or in the case of the piece pictured above, its collision.

In this show, titled "Abstract Resistance," the Walker has decided to have booklets in each gallery that display the works in miniature images and give information about each.

What do you think about the whole wall cards/no wall cards decision?

The Star Tribune's Mary Abbe reviews this show on the website and in print on Friday, March 5.