Nachito Herrera

Friday: To celebrate his recovery from a near-death experience with COVID-19, piano master Herrera will livestream a concert from his White Bear Lake home. Since moving to Minnesota in 2001, the Cuban-American powerhouse has been a force on the Twin Cities scene with his incomparable mix of classical music and Latin jazz. The concert is being arranged by the Dakota, where Herrera performs regularly. (7 p.m. Fri. $15,

Jon Bream


‘Five Minutes of Heaven’

Saturday-Sunday: In Illusion Theater’s latest streaming play, two people on opposing sides of the “Troubles” in Northern Ireland meet 45 years after the murder of a Catholic man by a member of a Protestant paramilitary group. The victim’s brother was 11 in 1975 when he witnessed the killing. A lifetime later, the brother and the killer come together in this fictionalized piece about violence, reconciliation and healing. Directed by Michael Robins, the play is adapted by Michael Egan from Guy Hibbert’s screenplay, which won honors from Sundance and the British Academy Television Craft Awards. (1:30 p.m. Sat. & Sun., Zoom. 612-339-4944 or

Sheila Regan