Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson set a rookie record with 1,400 yards receiving in 2020. It might be hard to top his debut, but to hear Jefferson talk he is just getting started.

He joined Monday's Daily Delivery podcast for a wide-ranging interview about his performance, his future goals, a serious TV recommendation and his funniest teammates.

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Here are a few of the highlights:

Q It's not often that a draft pick comes in and immediately replaces someone like Stefon Diggs. Did you feel additional pressure because of that aspect of your arrival and his departure?

A I'm a competitor. You know, I don't run from competition … I really just focused on myself. I didn't focus on trying to be the next Stefon Diggs. I just really wanted to be the best version of me. Going in, I just was confident in my game. Just trying to get connected with Kirk (Cousins). Each week our connection got better and better.

Q I think it's great – really nice, actually, shows your generosity – that you are letting Justin Herbert keep your rookie of the year award at his house. But don't you think you should go and pick it up and bring it to your place at some point?

A Um, I mean he had a phenomenal season. Of course I would love to have that award, to win that award, that's every rookie's main goal at the end of the season. But it is what it is. I got All-Pro and a Pro Bowl selection that he didn't get. So I'm pretty fine with not getting it. It's all good. There's plenty of other awards that I'm going to be out there competing for.

Q A receiver is dependent on a QB getting him the ball. How do you walk the line between letting a quarterback know you're open and coming off like a whiner who constantly wants the ball?

A I mean it's hard, especially in today's world. If you ask for the ball you're a drama queen, all of these things. But if you sit there and you're quiet and not saying anything you're not going to get the ball. All of that is outside noise. We know what our communication is inside the locker room. Nobody is going to understand us like we're going to understand each other.

Q Who is your funniest Vikings teammate?

A Ummmmm … there are some funny guys in that locker room. Kris Boyd is definitely one of the funniest. He's a character, him. Irv Smith, I spend a lot of time with him. He's from Louisiana just like me so we spend a lot of time together and connect well together. We can relate to each other, being from the same area and then being drafted to a wholly different environment. We definitely got connected well. Dalvin (Cook), he always cracks me up. Just him being from Florida, all guys from Florida have that slang, so he always has me jumping the way he's talking, the way he acts.

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