The Vikings won their coin flip with the Colts at the NFL scouting combine today, but the victory is not something they will be celebrating.

Because both the Vikings and the Colts finished 8-8 with identical strength of schedules, they had to have a televised coin flip today to determine where each would fall in the draft order for next month's NFL draft.

The Vikings won the toss, meaning they would get the 14th overall pick and the Colts would get the 15th pick. But, of course, the Vikings traded their first-rounder to the Eagles to get quarterback Sam Bradford in September. So technically the Eagles were the biggest winners this afternoon.

But that coin flip had ramifications beyond the first round, which is why the Vikings came away disappointed. Because the Vikings, Colts and Ravens all finished 8-8, they will rotate in the draft order every round. And since the Vikings were first in line in the first round, they're last in the second.

So because they won the coin flip, they first pick at No. 48, not No. 46.

Minnesota has eight total picks in this year's draft, including two apiece in both the third and fourth rounds after last year's trade with Miami.

Officially, their selections are Nos. 48, 79, 86, 121, 129, 160, 199, 232.