Remember when the Vikings had a two-game winning streak, the Wolves were 3-1 after a defining win at Milwaukee, the Wild was 5-1 and Minnesota United hadn't lost for two weeks?

I reckon that a lot of people who read this blog and listen to the Daily Delivery podcast remember that because they keep reminding me of how much I talked about the good times.

Two things on that: One, feel free to believe in jinxes if you want. I prefer to think of a regression to the mean. That is to say: If I write about a lot of teams playing well, chances are things will even out and they will start losing.

The other: If you can't enjoy the good times, why even bother being a fan? Lean into it. It's not exactly like NOT talking about success has led to a lot of success — outside of the Lynx, of course — among Minnesota teams in the last three decades.

That aside: Things have certainly taken a turn lately. The Vikings were a prime part of the Tuesday discussion on the podcast, but it's not just them. Let's look at some potential crossroads moments coming up for three teams in the next week.

*For the Vikings, it's pretty simple. They gave away a chance to beat Dallas. Postgame comments from Adam Thielen and a tweet from his agent suggest a level of frustration and urgency to turn things around.

If Minnesota comes out and wins at Baltimore, it will wipe away a lot of what just happened. If they don't, and particularly if they look listless doing it, my Monday take that this feels like the beginning of the end will start to come into sharper focus.

*The Wolves were 3-1 and feeling good about themselves after a win in Milwaukee. They seemed to have taken Anthony Edwards' urging to share the ball and put it into practice. But two bad home losses later — including Monday's unsightly loss to previously 1-6 Orlando — and there are new questions.

Minnesota has home games against the 2-4 Clippers on Wednesday and Friday. Can the Wolves win both and salvage a 5-3 record from this very soft part of their schedule? If not, will things further unravel when they hit the road for a tough stretch?

*Minnesota United helped its playoff cause immensely with a big home win over Sporting KC on Sunday. But there's a good chance the Loons will still need a result Sunday at L.A. Galaxy. Make the playoffs and there's a sense of relief and a chance to make a run. Miss the playoffs and changes could be coming.