In the minutes after kicker Greg Joseph offered up another round of painful 'wide right' to Vikings fans, social media grabbed the missed field goal and worked it over from a variety of perspectives.

Here's how it looked for real:

Here's the question posed by ESPN's Josina Anderson:

Here's an answer from podcaster and rformer ESPN radio host Dan LeBatard:

Here's a tweet from a Vikings fan after Joseph hit two field goals of more than 50 yards. It could have prepared you for what was to come:

Many Minnesota sports fans don't want to hear fans in other cities complain about anything.

Does this capture the Minnesota mindset better than anything?

Should we all have known better?

So, technically, what went wrong? Someone asked former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe and he responded:

There were fans who thought the Vikings should have gone for the touchdown or gotten even closer for the field goal try instead of letting the clock run down. Fantasy football guy Paul Charchian dropped some data on them:

Here's some data that will make Vikings fans shudder: Daniel Carlson, the kicker who was sent away two games into the 2018 season, is 23-for-23 on field goals in his last 11 games.

Sometimes, two words are worth 1,000 pictures:

Some parents are worried about the legacy they may be passing along:

And, finally, a suggestion about an alternative to the potential pain from the Vikings' next game:

And if you didn't catch the momentary "alternative ending" to the game, you can hear it here and read more about it from RandBall.