Not many people had a Sunday as rough as Vikings kicker Greg Joseph, who missed an extra point and a potential game-winning 37-yard field goal in Minnesota's 34-33 loss at Arizona

But just a split-second after Joseph's second miss sailed wide right, another member of the Vikings' traveling party had another pretty bad miss.

In case you didn't hear it: KFAN personality and Vikings radio voice Paul Allen's call of the field goal attempt initially indicated Joseph had made the kick.

"High snap. Put down. Joseph. Come on!" Allen's call went, his voice rising in volume and excitement. "It is ... good! No he missed it Are you kidding me? He missed it right."

Or just listen for yourself here:

Naturally, Allen has been getting roasted for the call on social media and talk radio. After the game, he owned up for the mistake on Twitter:

"I thought he made it and didn't wait for the ref to signal no good. I always wait. Today I didn't and got burned. L on my behalf, no doubt," Allen wrote. " I wanted them to beat that team so badly. Oh well."

Mistakes happen, and owning up for them is important. But part of why P.A. is getting roasted is for openly rooting for the Vikings — what you might call being a "homer" in the business.

I guess to that I would say that's nothing new — and it's nothing Allen has ever hidden. It's a style that some people love, some people hate.

Don't believe it?

Go back 18 years — the last time before Sunday, by the way, that the Vikings played an Arizona team that didn't have Larry Fitzgerald Jr. — and listen to P.A.'s call of Nate Poole's catch knocking the Vikings out of the playoffs.

Patrick Reusse and I talked all about the excruciating miss and how well the Vikings played overall on Monday's Daily Delivery podcast.

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