Augusta, Ga.

What’s it like on the practice range on a Sunday, as the players on the leaderboard warm up?

Bubba Watson and Patrick Reed practiced while wearing earbuds.

Most of the players chatted with each other and the caddies, with Rickie Fowler making a point of looking everyone in the eye.

Patrick Reed spoke to those who spoke to him, but set up at the far end of the range and didn’t start any conversations.

Justin Thomas was playful, throwing tees at Watson as he hit shots. Watson threw some back.

Fowler and Jordan Spieth had the longest conversation, and Spieth and Thomas, old friends, warmed up next to each other. They were about to play together, as well.

Henrik Stenson signed a couple of dozen autographs before jogging toward the first tee.

Dustin Johnson hit the most impressive-looking shots - line drives that carried forever.

Watson hit the most remarkable array of shots, practicing hooks and fades, hitting them high and low.

Remember, these players all travel together and many of their significant others are friendly.

Judging by body language, I’d say that Thomas and Watson were the most relaxed among the leaders.