Taylor Swift just got an army of new admirers by giving some of her biggest fans holiday gifts they won't forget any time soon.

YouTube video "Taylor Swift's Gift of Giving 2014," being alternatively dubbed "Swiftmas," has racked up over five million views since it was released on New Year's Eve, and has caught the attention of nearly every major entertainment news outlet.

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Watch the heartwarming video.

The 6-minute montage features Swift wrapping presents for her fans in her home, and then reveals their overjoyed reactions when they receive them.

After the massive success of her pop album "1989," the text in the video says Swift began studying her fans interests on social media, and left a single Santa emoji behind. The process was called "Tay-lurking." Eventually, a FedEx package sent by Swift landed on their doorstep.

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In one instance, Swift even drove to Connecticut to greet a fan named Steph in person and give her young son Christmas presents.

While some are simply marking the video off as a publicity stunt, or are perhaps outraged that they didn't get gifts from the 25-year-old music superstar, it has managed to change the minds who previously did not think very highly of her.

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"Like seriously, used to not really be a fan of her, but she's completely won me over as both an artist and as a person," YouTube commentor Danny Padila wrote.

"For those who are saying that it should have been private, they don't get it. The fans that received your warm gifts also got to share it with you and your other fans. That was part of your gift," a man named Carl Davis wrote. "Thanks again for taking the time to slow down what has got to be a hectic schedule and sharing your feelings with us. You just went up several notches in my classy list."