Photo courtesy: Erica Dao, Mall of America.

Hip-hop star Ludacris (the author of such poignant hits as "Pimpin' All Over the World") had his doubts about Nickelodeon Universe. Then he learned: You don't mess with SpongeBob and his amazing rides. The rapper was in town Monday to open for the Black Eyed Peas but spent some time beforehand at the Mall of America.

In a video captured by MOA media relations specialist Erica Dao, Ludacris backtracks on his low expectations.

"When you come to the Mall of America, your expectations for the roller coasters are very low," Ludacris said. "You don't think that it's gonna be for adults. You think it's all for kids. However! I got on the first roller coaster and I can honestly say that, uh, it surprised me."

While Ludacris was excited for more rides, his girlfriend had some trepidation. "She was scared to go on the Avatar Airbender ride," Dao said. "When she got off she didn't like it." Afterward, Ludacris bought his girl some clothes at Club Monaco and took her to Tucci Benucch.

Here's the video. It includes the following: Ludacris getting a big hug from a furry yellow duck. A band of unimpressed kids walking straight through the rapper's entourage. And lastly, Luda's roller coaster review.