A stealth formula that still works

While many stealth games today incorporate combat, the genre of yesteryear offered players no recourse if they were spotted. “Volume” (Mike Bithell, PC) recaptures that tense feeling of scouting a situation, timing your approach and relying purely on stealth to complete your objective in a way that reminds us why this purer incarnation of the genre has such a passionate cult following. Each level requires you to collect all gems on the map to unlock the exit. This simple task is made more complex by the strategic placements of guards on the pathways. Each new guard type brings with it new strategies. The story pits you against Guy Gisborne, a menacing head of a corporation who has amassed too much power for his own good. With true stealth games a rare breed today, “Volume” stands as a declaration that the formula can still work.

Brian Shea, Game Informer