Domestic cats and lions share many characteristics.

Why domestic cats are called lap lions

April 15
Domestic cats and wild cats share a number of behaviors. It's easy to see the lion in the lap cat.
U of M student Ashley Walker, on a veterinary internship at the Greek feline rescue program Let’s be S.M.A.R.T., spays a cat.

Minnesota veterinary students travel to Greece to help stray cats

April 8
Program rounds up cats from city streets and gives them room and board and medical care.
Artist Kat Corrigan works on a paintings for her 30 Cats in 30 Days project, as family cat Fatoosh struts nearby. Fatoosh was rescued from the streets

Minnesota artists create pet portraits: 'Everybody I know wants artwork of their pets'

April 1
Pet portraits done in paint, photography, felt and collage are a source of income and joy.

Put the bite on biting

April 8
Dogs bite for many reasons, but they must learn that biting humans isn't acceptable.