2019 Halloween Pet Costume Contest winners

Is your pet ready for Halloween? See the winners of the Star Tribune Pet Costume Contest

The winners in our Halloween Pet Costume Contest ranged from the elaborate to the adorably goofy.
Seneca Krueger sat for a portrait with her dog Zelda Friday, May 15, 2020 outside her home in St. Paul.

St. Paul rescue dog leaves new home, goes on her own 'Incredible Journey'

May 18
She had no map, no GPS, not the vaguest sense of the metro area's geography. But somehow a rescue dog named Zelda found her way home.
Your pet may be bored with dinnertime.

What to do if your dog is healthy but not eating well

May 29
If your dog is healthy but not eating well, you may want to try making mealtime more fun.

Telltale facts about cats

November 15, 2019

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