Tom Zurn posed with his family dog Wilson a Tibetan Terrier and his invention the PooBagger.

Doggie doo-doo guide: when to flush, bag or call a professional

March 6
Tips on how best to care for the worst part of having your pooch.
Angus, full-grown.

The Puppy Chronicles: Five years with Angus

January 13
The adorable puppy we adopted 5 years ago grew into a big, reactive dog. There were days when I despaired and days when I wept, but I never gave up on him.
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What were the most popular dog names and cat names in Minneapolis in 2022?

January 6
Hint: The top name is Number 1 for both cats and dogs.
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Brooks: Minneapolis shelter went the extra mile to give this Grinch a home

December 24, 2022
The city animal shelter went from high-kill to no-kill, just in time to save its angriest, fluffiest kitten.


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