September 3
Liu Yifei is “Mulan.”

Review: Hesitant to pay more than $30 to watch 'Mulan'? Get over it

The live-action adaptation of "Mulan" defies gravity — and expectations.
September 2
Frances McDormand in her first Oscar-winning role, as Marge Gunderson in the 1996 movie “Fargo.”

You betcha: 7 movies that show off the immense talent of Frances McDormand

Her work with the Coen brothers shows how versatile she can be. And with great material, she is at her best.
August 30
Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves.

Dude, 'Bill & Ted' are back

Latest installment is high on nostalgia, and that's not a bad thing.
August 29
"Wonder Woman 1984" with Gal Gadot is set for an Oct. 2 release.

Movies are slowly coming back – but can Hollywood and theaters stay in business?

Industry veterans say theaters won't get back to normal any time soon.
August 27
Dev Patel in the film "The Personal History of David Copperfield."

'Veep' veterans offer a hilarious spin on Dickens' 'David Copperfield' 

Comic "Copperfield" adaptation is at more than two dozen theaters, including the just-reopened Lagoon Cinema.
August 27
“The Umbrella Academy” has begun its second season. Netflix

MTV Movie Awards go virtual: 10 best things to watch, read or listen to this week

MTV's party leads our weekly picks to expand your personal playlist.
August 26
Greta Gerwig as Frances dancing in front of fountain in a scene from the film, “Frances Ha.”

Catch up with inventive writer/director/actor Greta Gerwig

In a short time, Greta Gerwig has racked up lots of fine work on both sides of the camera.
August 20
Russell Crowe in “Unhinged.”

Russell Crowe is 'Unhinged' in first wide movie release since March

Crowe is a maniac who uses his pickup as a weapon in "Unhinged."
August 19
Citizen Kane (1941) with Orson Welles.

7 movies that prove the power of good cinematography

Cinematographers visually shaped the stories that these movies tell.
August 13
The AMC Burbank 16 movie theater complex in Burbank, Calif.

Several AMC movie theaters in Minnesota poised to reopen

AMC will require the wearing of masks.
August 13
Bill Murray in “Lost in Translation.”

7 movies to celebrate Bill Murray's 70th birthday

Since we met him on "Saturday Night Live," Bill Murray has shown he can do it all.
August 7

Toronto film fest is on but markedly smaller

Most Hollywood studios skipping this year's installment.
August 6
Star Trek is getting the cartoon treatment.

'Star Trek' animation brings new adventures: 10 best things to watch, read or listen to this week

Our weekly picks to lift your spirits and expand your playlist.
August 6
Mick Jagger in “The Burnt Orange Heresy.”

Mick Jagger art-world thriller asks if moviegoers are ready to return to theaters

The rocker plays a devious art collector in the slow-burn thriller "The Burnt Orange Heresy."
August 6
Maria Isa, left, with her producer YMMI, will headline the Current's Sounds Like Home III virtual festival on Aug. 13.

Virtual entertainment picks: The Current music fest, Gary Rue, 'Scream It' film series

Gary Rue Friday: Minnesota music man Gary Rue has had a remarkably varied career, serving as music director for ’60s star Gene Pitney and composing…
August 6
Ryan Stopera filming “The Return.”

Hothouse festival in northeast Minneapolis this weekend is all about poets and filmmakers of color

Saturday's Hothouse celebrates poets and filmmakers of color.
August 5
Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts) meets her match in Ed Masry (Albert Finney) in “Erin Brockovich,” about a divorced mother of three (Brockovich) wh

Soderbergh's Seven: The best of his films to watch right now, from crime dramas to caper comedies

Steven Soderbergh writes some of his clever movies, and often edits and shoots them, to boot.
July 30
Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas in “The Secret: Dare to Dream.”

Movie adaptation of bestselling 'The Secret' not worth whispering about

A veteran character actor enlivens a wan romance based on the self-help books.
July 29
“Tell No One”

In the mood for a thriller? 7 French films show that suspense has no language barrier

Are they thrilling? Oui!
July 26
Yifei Liu in the title role of the live-action “Mulan,” which has been postponed. Stephen Tilley • Disney

Disney's 'Mulan' the latest film to fall off the calendar

It's the latest film to have its planned release postponed indefinitely.