Here's Day 2 (Part 1) of the Vancouver Dispatches from our friends Jody and Melissa. We can tell that the $25 (Canadian) and the RandBall T-shirts we gave them are really starting to pay off. Here is there report in words/pictures (More to come later, including a Colbert Report update):


*All right, day 2 is in the bag! What started on an awful note with our entire day of snowboard tickets getting canceled ended on a positive with us scalping tix to the short track speed skating event at the pacific coliseum. We saw Apollo Ohno slaughter his heat in the Men's 1000M and Wang Meng just destroy the rest of the field to win the gold in the Women's 500M. The coolest thing though was the Men's 5000M relay where each team has 4 skaters on the ice at one time and they each skate 1.5 laps before they transition to another skater by skating in front of their teammate and then they push on each other's butts. nice! (Skating photo).


*Vancouver is a very international and zen city. It's a melting pot of different cultures and people and they have a lot of pride in their picturesque setting. What better way to pay respects to a peaceful downtown park than throwing down on some obviously wicked yoga poses (Not pictured).

*This wasn't some side street or park... these kids were getting busy right in the middle of the busy street in Yaletown with tons of passersby all around. (Street hockey photo)

*I think this is the Prime Minister of Australia. (RB tee/mascot photo, top).

*unfortunately, I didn't catch which country these yahoos were from. (Giant USA hats photo).