There was no point in shouting out song requests at last night's Vampire Weekend concert at First Avenue. You had to know the band was going to play just about every song it has ever recorded in its rapidly paced, rabidly received 75-minute set. The only questions were: "Which ones will they save for the encore?" (They picked the right mix, too, as the

last 10 minutes really were quite a rush); and "Which one will they dedicate to Prince, (answer: "Run," as keyboardist/guitarist Rostam Batmanglij gushed, "We're in the house of the Purple One"). Here's how the set list played out:

White Sky / Holiday / Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa / I Stand Corrected / M79 / Bryn / California English / Cousins / Taxi Cab / Run / A-Punk / One (Blake's Got A New Face) / Diplomat's Son / Campus / Oxford Comma ENCORE: Horchata / Mansard Roof / Walcott

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