Expect rainbows, magic, braying and prancing as Unicorn World spends two days at the Minneapolis Convention Center this weekend.

The traveling event brings animatronic unicorns — they turn their heads, blink their eyes and neigh — who inhabit a magical forest, plus crafts, games and more.

The experiences coming to town lately — the World's Biggest Bounce House, the Immersive Disney Animation — are pricey. And Unicorn World is among the most expensive. One could easily spend $100 per kid, between the $39 base admission, a few add-ons, a snack and souvenir. (If you plan to stick with the basic experience, steer clear of the merchandise displays and expect to hear some whining.)

But for parents, grandparents and caregivers looking to treat their kiddos to an over-the-top, over-the-rainbow-balloon-arch experience — and snap the perfect Instagram or 10 in the process — Unicorn World has plenty to entertain and delight for a couple of hours.

The show was created by entrepreneurs-slash-parents Lauren and Patrick Mines of Knoxville, Tenn., who have taken the exhibit to 12 cities across the country. After being disappointed by a similar kid-themed traveling show, they thought they could create an experience that would better "capture the magic of being a child," Patrick said, as he gave me and my kids (ages 5 and 7) a preview tour.

The heart of Unicorn World is the Enchanted Unicorn Forest, home to the lifelike unicorns, a display of teeny fairy gardens and human fairies fliting through.

Admission to Unicorn World includes access to the main areas. Supplementary activities cost extra. The priciest add-on is the professional photo station where kids are photographed wearing luxe prince, princess or fairy costumes accessorized with fairy wings, wands or a glowing book that lends dramatic lighting. (Packages cost $50-120.)

After the forest, there's a reading nook where kids hear the story of Unicorn World. (The gist: White unicorns, like those in the forest, have lost their color and magic, and two kids solve riddles to help them return to their former glory.)

Kids can then hit the craft tables (face painting costs an extra $20), before heading to the "stables" where the story's now-colorful unicorns are on display.

Next comes an indoor playground area, with ball pits, a dancefloor and a giant parachute. Plus, unicorn riffs on classic lawn and carnival games, such as a unicorn's horn ring toss and inflatable unicorn "bowling." There's even the World's Largest Unicorn Vending Machine, where, for $20, you feed a unicorn a faux sugar cube and it poops out a big, prize-containing egg.

Other add-ons include several bounce houses ($2.50/session) and tracks for the rideable unicorn equivalent of go-karting ($10 a ride). If you think your kids may be as difficult to pry out of their saddles as mine were, a $25 ticket add-on offers unlimited access to both the bounce houses and unicorn rides.

Mines said it's not uncommon for families to spend three of four hours at Unicorn World.

"Sometimes kids are kicking and screaming as they leave," he said. "And we think, 'Maybe we did something right.' "

(Video by Blue Potato Media)

If you go
Unicorn World: Ann immersive display of animatronic unicorns, crafts, games and more.
Where: Minneapolis Convention Center, 1301 2nd Av. S., Mpls.
When: Sat.-Sun, July 15-16
Cost: $39 + taxes/fees for basic admission. Premium activities cost extra. Credit card only. Kids under 2 are free.
Info: theunicornworld.com