Remember back when former Gov. Jesse Ventura pushed the idea of having just one legislative chamber?

Someone raised that issue to DFL candidate for governor Mark Dayton during a Minneapolis speech as a possible cost saving measure. Dayton said it had some appeal.

"I could philosophically agree with that perspective," Dayton said at a Rotary Club meeting.

But, dashing the hopes of unicameral backers, he noted that it wouldn't actually save much money and the politics of the unicameral idea make it untenable.

"I don't think I could get the Legislature to pass it," he said to laughs.

And after the Rotary meeting, he made clear that he didn't plan to try.

"I don't support it....I think there's a reason that 49 of 50 states have it bi-cameral," Dayton said.

Nebraska is the only state with just one legislative chamber.

Dayton didn't note that having just one chamber would mean fewer jobs -- and the DFLer's latest ad pitches him as a "Jobs Governor."

The ad:

The transcript:

Mark Dayton: I promise that if I am Governor I will go anywhere in this state, or nation or world if there is a job to be gained for Minnesota.

VO: As Minnesota's Commissioner of Economic Development, Mark Dayton helped many businesses get started and expand, putting thousands of Minnesotans back to work. As United States Senator, he worked hard again to bring jobs to Minnesota.

VO: Now as Governor, he'll fight for the job training, the small business help, and most importantly, the investments in education we need to create new jobs. Mark Dayton for a Better Minnesota.