Workers have repaired a missing strip of zinc paneling that fell from U.S. Bank Stadium's western prow on Monday, prompting building contractor M.A. Mortenson Construction to reinforce the facade in hopes of preventing further damage from high winds.

Mortenson executive John Wood said Wednesday that the company, along with subcontractor McGrath, will install additional fasteners to exterior panels in the coming weeks.

"Our experts and the outside consultants who have studied the problem are confident in this solution," said Wood, who added that the repairs would not disrupt any events at the Minnesota Vikings' new home.

The announcement comes two days after "extreme weather and high winds" caused panels to "partially disengage," according to a statement from the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA). But one panel fell to the ground in the hours after midnight Monday.

Representatives from Mortenson and McGrath, who installed the panels, spent two days investigating the damage — visible from the glass facade to underneath the U.S. Bank Stadium logo that appears on the 270-foot high prow. No one was injured when the panel fell during the overnight hours.

Both moisture and wind have previously caused trouble for the $1.1 billion building that opened in August. Thousands of zinc panels that line the exterior have been the focus of a couple of concerns on the building.

Initially, the panels were bolted down only along the bottom edge. After heavy storms last summer, some panels came loose and flapped in the wind. Mortenson workers then reinforced the panels along the top edge.

The building, $489 million of which was covered by the taxpayers, is under warranty by Mortenson for two years.