A nugget regarding Dennis Polla, a University of Minnesota professor who got in trouble a decade ago for misappropriating research money and is under scrutiny today for holding a full-time job on the East Coast:

I learned from the National Science Foundation that since the U and the Department of Justice investigated him, he had worked on another NSF grant, in 2004.

However, he was removed from that project in 2005.

A document shows that Marquette University, the organization that got the grant and subcontracted with Polla for part of the work, requested to remove him from the project.

"After further study of the fabrication problem, and based on recent encouraging results obtained with device fabrication in our laboratory, we now believe that we will be able to successfully complete all the required fabrication steps at Marquette University," the request says.

It also notes that Polla was working full time for the federal government:

"Being away in Washington, D.C., it would have been difficult for him to recruit and direct a new graduate student's work at the University of Minnesota. So the fact that we will be able to do all the fabrication work at Marquette University is good for the project. While Dr. Polla will not be directing a student, he has kindly agreed to be available for consultation, if required, without any cost to the project."

Polla does not do any research for the U now, his boss says.