Two tornados lashed two different international locations Wednesday.One tornado touched down in 22 villages in Maheshpur, Bangladesh. It wasreported that one child was killed, and about 150 people were injured in thestorm event.

Local sources reported that as many as 1,200 houses were damaged along withseveral acres of crops.

Maheshpur will see a continuance of a cold front coming out of mainland Asia,which is stirring up just enough moisture to trigger minor thunderstorms. Asidefrom a thunderstorm threat, the rest of the week will remain dry.

Another tornado touched down on a north Queensland, Australia farm, with theowners of the farm standing by, catching dramatic video footage. The twisterdestroyed corn fields and irrigation pipes on the farm, but missed hitting thefamily's home.

Northern Australia has seen a lot of rain recently, and the wet weather willcontinue into early next week as a cold front bringing thunderstorms movesthrough the region. Conditions should dry out by Tuesday.

Story by's Carly Porter.