DULUTH — A Duluth man fired shots out of a vehicle as he drove away from a group, killing one man and injuring another near a child care center in Lincoln Park, according to charges filed Friday.

Sanussi Bangoura, 21, was charged in St. Louis County District Court with second-degree aiding and abetting murder in a drive-by shooting and assault with a dangerous weapon, along with a dangerous weapons charge. Brandon Williams-Gillard, 25, also of Duluth, was charged with the same offenses in connection with the Wednesday afternoon shooting.

Duluth resident Paris Allen, 19, is dead after being shot in the head, and an 18-year-old suffered a gunshot wound to his backside and is expected to survive.

It's the city's first homicide this year.

According to the charges:

Driving around Lincoln Park, Bangoura and Williams-Gillard arranged a fight with a man they came upon who they had a contentious history with. That man called friends for help. When they were all gathered on the 2500 block of W. Second Street, the 18-year-old victim approached the car Bangoura was driving and punched him through the open window. Bangoura drove away, firing multiple shots at the group.

A member of the group took the 18-year-old to the hospital, and an ambulance was called for Allen, who died in the early evening.

About 30 minutes after the first shooting, shots were fired toward the West Duluth home of Bangoura and Williams-Gillard, but no one was injured.

Several spent bullet casings were found in Bangoura's vehicle, the complaint says, noting police believe Bangoura fired most of the rounds.

The St. Louis County Attorney's Office requested bail be set at $750,000 for both Williams-Gillard and Bangoura, citing in court documents "severe public safety concerns."

Bangoura's criminal history includes a gross misdemeanor conviction related to having a pistol while prohibited, stemming from an assault charge that eventually was dismissed. Williams-Gillard is on parole in Wisconsin for felony possession and has a felony conviction for criminal vehicular operation.

A fundraising page has been launched to raise money for Allen's funeral expenses.